The Continuous Osteopathic Recert Exam (CORE) is the new annual Osteopathic Continuous Certification Exam. CORE replaces the high stakes, 10 year examination and COLA module requirements.

CORE is designed to be taken at home and diplomates are encouraged to use the educational resources typically available to them in the Emergency Department. CORE consists of 40-60 multiple choice questions based on 2-3 core content areas from the AOBEM Table of Specifications (TOS) and 4 current practice changing articles.

CORE is a course made up of six separate exams and one survey that may be taken individually throughout the calendar year.

AOBEM’s CORE offers flexibility to diplomates by providing eight different article exam options. As the diplomate progresses through the course, they will be able to choose which article exams to participate in until they have successfully completed four. 

You will have three attempts to pass each exam within this course. If you fail an attempt you will experience a one week delay before you are allowed to attempt an exam again. 

Completion of this course will satisfy Component 3 of the OCC requirements only for those diplomates who are eligible to take CORE. In order to register for CORE please apply HERE. If you have any questions about your eligibility please contact the AOBEM at

All eligible diplomates with have until the end of December 1, 2021 to successfully complete CORE.

The activity is designated for 10 CME credit(s) in Category 1B including a maximum of 3 Trauma credit, 2 Pediatric credit, and 2 Stroke credit.

Cost: $210

This examination must be purchased directly from the AOBEM website:

Category 1B